Ellen Pompeo’s Diet and Exercise Tips for Looking Healthy and Fit

December 12, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

It seems only yesterday that we met busy surgeon Meredith Gray, Ellen Pompeo’s character in the hit TV drama Grey’s Anatomy. Here, the 41 year old actress discusses her tips for maintaining that stellar body onscreen and offscreen.

"I love the gym, I work out a lot, I don’t eat junk food." Ellen says. "I’m really determined that way."

ellen-pompeo.jpgEllen Pompeo’s diet follows the weight loss strategy of Grazing, where she eats six small meals per day to keep her blood sugar levels up, increase metabolism and prevent her from overeating. Her dietary intake includes lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits and lean proteins.

"The key is to eat frequently, but in smaller amounts." She shares. "That way, you don’t feel hungry, your’e constantly eating, but you don’t gain any weight."

Ellen Pompeo’s exercise routine includes strength training, stretching, endurance workouts and boxing.

"I try to mix up my exercise routine." Ellen says. "So I don’t get bored."

Ellen is also a fan of the benefits of Yoga.

“I do Yoga everyday." She shares. "I just love the sense of calm it gives me, and the stability and flexibility that it gives to my body."

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