Debra Messing’s Diet and Exercise Tips Secrets: Lose 60lbs in 3 Months

December 12, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Debra Messing looks absolutely great and shockingly energetic for a mom of a 6 year old. The 42 year old Academy Award Winning redhead beauty has kept her lovely curves throughout the years. Here, she talks about her tips to maintaining that naturally fabulous figure.

"No doughnuts, no fast food, but instead, lots of vegetables, fruits and fresh lean meat." She says. "And exercise. I’m not a big fan of exercise, but I’m doing my best."

Debra-Messing.jpgDebra Messing’s diet follows portion control, which allows no food restrictions as long as she watches out for serving size and caloric content.

"I’m allowed anything, but you know, I still prefer not eating something that’s high in calories or fats." Debra shares.

60 pounds lighter, Debra has no regrets concerning her choice to lose weight, even if she did claim to hate exercise before.

"It was funny, my trainer said he never met a person who hated working out as much as I did." She adds with a laugh.

Debra Messing’s exercise routine includes Pilates, yoga, circuit and strength training four times a week.

"I’m very proud of how I dropped the weight." Debra shares. "I did the healthy approach."

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