Denise Richards’ Diet and Exercise Tips to Always Looking Fabulous

Denise Richards, actress, model and mother of two beautiful daughters willingly shares her secrets to looking fabulous all the time. Denise shares losing weight has been hard for her, especially after giving birth to her second child, but the blue-eyed looker has succeeded by what she calls as her "incredible motivation."

"I like to eat healthy and eat a very balanced diet." Denise shares. "I want my daughters to grow up satisfied with their bodies.


denise-richards.jpgDenise Richards’ adheres to the South Beach diet, this eating plan involves maintaining the blood sugar levels normal to enable weight loss. South beach diet recommended dietary intake include eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans and healthy fat.

Denise Richards’ diet contains three phases. The first phase involves controlling the irrational anxiety in eating that covers 15 days. For the second phase,carbohydrates are introduced for three weeks. The last phase is called correct food alimentation which maintains the healthy eating habits learned to avoid any rebound effects. 

Denise Richards’ exercise routine include core-strengthening workouts, Pilates, yoga kickboxing, aerobics, resistance training and core stability movements.

Denise also includes a workout routine called Proper Body Exercise which involves a 90-minute workout that begins with kickboxing, followed by weights and ab crunching.

"But mostly, I do Pilates. It reshaped my body and I dropped a jean size." She shares. "It was the only exercise that didn’t aggravate my back and made my belly flat again."

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