The South Beach Diet: What is the South Beach diet

January 19, 2010

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The South Beachdiet is not a carbohydrates poor diet. With this diet it is not about not eating carbohydrates and fats at all, but more about eating the right carbohydrates and fats and throwing away the bad ones. This way you will get healthier and you will lose between 9 to 16 pounds.

This is how you will do it:
-you will eat normal portions of meat, chicken, turkey, fish and sea fruits.
– you will eat a lot of vegetables. Eggs. Cheese. Nuts.
– you will eat salads with natural olive oil sauce.
-you will have three balanced meals a day and that depends on you and on you alone. Nothing is worse for a diet than leaving the table with a felling that you did not appeased your hunger. This will push you to have a little snack in the morning and one in the afternoon. After dinner you will have a little desert.


Off course, you will drink water, and coffee or tea if you want. In the first two weeks you will not have bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, pastry or confectionery products. Not even fruits. After the two weeks you will be allowed to reintroduce them in your diet but they are off limits for the moment.

For two weeks you will not eat candy, cookies, biscuits, ice-cream or sugar. No beer or any other kind of alcoholic drink. After this phase you can drink wine for its certain good qualities. But in the first two weeks not even a drop of wine.

If you are the kind of person that is addicted to pasta, potatoes, bread or if you are convinced that you can’t live without sweets for a day and think that you will not be able to do this… prepare to be surprised. You will be shocked when you will see how two weeks go by without these bad carbohydrates and fats. The first days and week will be hard but by the second week you will forget about the existence of candy, bread, potatoes and all of those bad foods, and I am not just saying these things, I am talking from the experience of hundreds of people that tried the South Beach diet. This might be new to you but it has been around for some time and it helped a lot of people to lose weight easy and get to a normal weight.

Up until now we talked about the first phase, also the most rigid period. You will lose 9 to 16 pounds in the first two weeks alone, and most of it will practically “melt” from around your waist, and you will see the difference. That zipper from your pants will not bother you anymore. You will not have to suck you belly to close your jacket.

The difference will be obvious. The less obvious thing will be that the change is not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. The change is about the way you process food and of course the way your body reacts to certain foods. Somewhere in your body a switch was activated a switch that made you gain weight. Well this diet activates another switch by getting your body used to another set of foods and another way to process them. It is a change of metabolism.

After the two weeks, after the change is made you will continue to lose weight even if you start reintroducing those forbidden foods. You will still be on a diet but you will be able to eat what you like bread, pasta, rice, cereals, potatoes, fruit. If you like chocolate, go ahead, whatever makes you feel good, think of it as a trifle. You will not “feast” on them, you will learn to enjoy them a little differently than before with a little less enthusiasm. This will happen soon enough.

This is phase two. You will remain in this phase as much as it takes, or as much as you need, in this phase people lose between 1 and 2.5 pounds a week. Once you reached your goal you go into an even freer version of the program that will help you maintain the desired weight.

Phase three. This phase will last for the rest of your life. From now on this is not a diet, a program this is a way of life you will eat normal food in normal quantities, you can even forget about the South Beach diet plan, with the condition that you respect some of the basic principles.

As you will lose weight your body will change once more, but in a different way, this change will be at a cellular level, your blood will have another composition it will actually be healthier. This will improve your live on the long run, the benefits are to your heart. You will live a longer, healthier life.

You start the South Beach diet with one hope, the one that you will lose weight. If you start it and respect it this hope will become reality. You will do more than to lose weight, as a secondary effect this diet can save your life.

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