Deep Fried Foods: The Fatty Foods to Avoid At All Cost

July 21, 2010

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Fatty foods have cast a magic spell over us. We crave fatty foods and we take extreme pleasure from eating fatty food. But from among all the fatty foods you can eat, there are some fatty foods you should avoid at all costs.

Deep fried foods are the worst kind of fatty foods that you can eat. In fact you should avoid all fried foods, regardless if they are deep fried or just fired. They are filled with unhealthy substances and lots and lots of unhealthy fats.

Most of the dried foods you eat are cooked using vegetable oil which is renowned for its high contents of trans fats. In repeated studies done by research institutes form around the world, trans fats have been discovered as causing cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes and even cancer.

During the frying process the fat molecules get transformed because of the intense heat. Your body isn’t used to receiving these kind of fat molecules, and doesn’t know how to handle them. This is the source of all the health problems related to eating deep fried foods.

Deep fried foods are also very fattening. Why frying the food, the intense heat doesn’t only alter the fat molecules, it also destroys most of the nutrients your body needs. This makes deep fried foods the ultimate junk food. All you get is lots and lots of unhealthy fats that only make you fatter.

A great way to simulate the taste of deep fried food without actually deep frying them is to bake the food. Baked food is light years more healthy that deep fried food and more nutritious. Still the best way to cook healthy food is by steaming or boiling it.

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