The 6 Worst Things To Eat When Trying To Lose Weight Quick

Successful quick weight loss is all about burning more calories than you consume. With all the information going around about eating right and working out, losing weight has either become easier or a lot harder for a lot of individuals today.

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Different diets all have their own ideas on the right and wrong foods to consume, because it is true that the avoidance of harmful foods are as important as consuming the right kind of food.

Here, we present the foods that are totally bad for anyone on a diet. These foods, without a question, should be avoided if you are trying to shed off those extra calories from your body. 

1. Soft drinks

Carbonated beverages are on the big no-no list. They contain too much sugar and raise the blood glucose levels of your body. In case you haven’t heard, that’s a bad thing. Like, really bad. It makes you prone to Diabetes, a chronic, lifelong disease in which your body wouldn’t be able to metabolize your sugars right.

2. Donuts

Having one of those tasty rings is feeding your body with a whopping 300 calories, half of which goes straight to your waistline. Donuts are nutrient-sparse, very calorie dense, and are loaded with saturated/ trans fats. 

3. Red meat

Red meat is one of the first things a doctor would advise patients to stop eating if they are at risk for heart diseases. Red meat is loaded with dietary cholesterol, and is high in saturated fat. Obesity has been linked to consuming high amounts of red meat. 

4. French fries

Just because it’s made from potatoes doesn’t mean they’re good for you. Essentially, all fried foods are bad, and this doesn’t exempt french fries. French fries contain mostly saturated and trans fat, because of all the oil. Plus, they’re extremely loaded with empty calories, and french fries destroy the essential fatty acids your body needs for weight loss.

5. Ice cream

These frozen treats are extremely calorie-dense, meaning they’re so loaded with empty calories that go straight to your waistline. One small cup contains 360 calories, most of which comes from saturated fat. 

6. Cheeseburgers

It’s not the burgers, it’s how they were prepared. Usually, the cheeseburgers you are in love with, the ones from the fastfood chain you worship are loaded with calories, nutrient-sparse and rich in sodium. The bad fats in burgers turn into artery-clogging cholesterol which increase the risk tenfold of getting heart problems later in life.

Tips for The Skinny

I know, the list sounds like pure torture. But avoiding these foods are your ticket to losing weight quick. Knowing what you can and cannot eat will do wonders for your body. If it’s not possible to stop yourself from consuming any one of these foods, you can indulge yourself, but in very small quantities, just enough to get rid of the craving but not so you could lose yourself in it and just feel guilty later.

It’s all about distinguishing between what’s right and wrong, knowing that when you do what’s right, you’ll get the reward of seeing how lighter you’ll feel and how those jeans will fit much better.


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