Daniel Craig’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Get That Well Sculpted Body!

January 19, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Daniel Craig makes damage look dapper. He’s James Bond, for Pete’s sake. The 5 foot 10 tall English actor’s piercing blue eyes and rippling physique leaves a trail of broken hearts wherever he goes. Who could ever forget that scene in Casino Royale where he emerges from the sea in blue swimming trunks? Swoon-worthy, I know.

"If you’re not physically fit then it’s difficult to get through." He says, referring to the stunts he made for the Bond movies. "Nobody knows more than I do how important it was, it’s my job to get it right. To start, I bulked up, ate right, had this grueling workout schedule."


Daniel-Craig.jpgDaniel Craig’s diet  consists of 5 mini meals daily, to maintain blood sugar levels normal and eliminate hunger pangs.

On a typical day, Daniel Craig’s diet includes:

  • Breakfast: 2 poached eggs and 2 pieces of toast with no butter
  • Mid-morning snack:  a protein shake or fruits and nuts.
  • Lunch: meat or fish together with small amounts of brown rice or baked potato.
  • Snacks: a protein shake or yogurt with some nuts
  • Dinner: meat or fish with certain types of green leafy vegetables such as salads, spinach or broccoli.

Daniel Craig’s exercise consists mainly of circuit training. A circuit training routine entails jumping from one exercise to another with only minimal rest periods. This workout helps in building muscles and increasing metabolism.

“I gave up smoking and exercised 5 times a week. At weekends I ate and drank what I liked. The work out lasted only 45 minutes but we didn’t stop. Circuits, lifting, working weights and lots of pull ups. I can now bench press my own weight. I told my personal trainer, Simon Waterson, I’ve got to look like I could kill someone when I take my shirt off,” Daniel says about his body building regimen.

Daniel Craig’s exercise routine also involves clean jerks, squats, bench presses, pull ups or chin ups, dips, barbell curls, and dumbbell lateral raises. Fifteen reps are done for every exercise with minimal rest as possible in between sets. This keeps his heart rate up and ensures that a lot of calories are burned during and after his workout. He does this 3 to 4 times per week or depending in his level of conditioning.

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