Courtney Thorne-Smith’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Fit Even During Pregnancy

January 19, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

A long tenure on TV, from acting in Ally Mcbeal to According to Jim, has not withered Courtney Thorne-Smith at all. At 43, she still looks as youthful as when she first started, her blue eyes still as bright and her body still as toned. This she all credits to living a healthy lifestyle.

"I’ve been eating right and working out." She says. "I think it’s about knowing what you’re putting in your body, eating what’s healthy, avoiding what’s not."

Courtney-Thorne-Smith.jpgCourtney follows the Atkins diet, made to switch the dieter’s body into a condition of ketosis so that the body will use up fat to fuel it up causing a quick weight loss. Courtney Thorne-Smith’s diet starts with the initial phase that calls for a two-week induction phase where only fats, meats, and certain cheeses are consumed.This results to a state of ketosis leading to weight loss.

After the induction phase, the dieter goes back to consuming allowed carbohydrates gradually, also encouraging consumption of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins.

"The Atkin’s diet made me stop being in this rollercoaster ride of dieting." She says. "It changed my life, now I’m eating lots of nutritious food, I never go hungry."

On the other hand, Courtney Thorne-Smith’s exercise routine for the past several years include cardio exercises such as walking for 40 minutes of every day, ateending yoga and Pilates classes and lightweight lifting.

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