Daisy Fuentes’ Diet and Exercise Secrets: Fit and Sexy

December 9, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Model, actress, media magnate and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes is a breath of fresh air. She may juggle a lot of roles, but the 44 year old, 5 foot 10 inches beauty has found the perfect balance in her life to keep her in great shape.

"I’m comfortable with who I am. That’s a positive thing I got from eating healthy and exercising." She shares. "I just want to be fit as I can be and represent my age well."

Daisy-Fuentes.jpgAnd represent she does! Daisy gladly shares what she calls her "happy diet". Daisy Fuentes’ diet follows the low carbohydrate, low fat eating plan with  portion control.

This type of diet allows her to consume a variety of foods– fresh veggies and fruits, lean protein and whole-grains– from each food group while controlling serving size.

Daisy Fuentes’ exercise regimen consists of alternate circuit training workouts using light weights and Pilates to improve flexibility and tone up her body.

"I’ve never heard of Pilates before, but when I tried it, just two week sinto the program, people were asking if I lost weight." She recalls. "Then after another week, I felt the results myself. I was slimm

Daisy also enjoys cardio exercises and indulges in sports such as tennis and volleyball. 

"I’m just like everyone else. Sometimes I wake up feeling great by myself, other days, not so much." She says with a smile. "My trick is to always do the best that I can. It’s fortifying to know you’ve done everything you could to treat your body right."

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