Evangeline Lilly’s Diet and Exercise Secrets

December 9, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

How did Evangeline Lilly’s character Kate on the now defunct hit show Lost keep such a killer body even in the jungle? The hazel-eyed star known for her irresistible charm and natural talent gamely shared her secrets for achieving those enviable triceps and knockout figure.

"We did a lot of running on Lost." She shares. "I had to get in shape, so I changed my diet and hit the gym more."

Evangeline Lilly’s diet is the raw food eating plan, which is based on eating unprocessed foods, preferably the organic, whole plant-based kind. This diet is based on the belief that raw foods contain vital enzymes needed by the body that will otherwise be lost when heated or cooked above 116°F.


"I can’t stop eating dried organic mangoes." She says with a laugh. "But they’re so bloody good!"

Evangeline Lilly’s exercise routine requires she hit the gym for at least 5 times a week. She focuses on cardio exercises, circuit training, and strength training. She also does toning exercises, with a little bit of Pilates and Yoga.

"Then on days when I don’t go to the gym, or if i have some free time, I play sports." She continues. "Soccer, volleyball, skiing, surfing, ice skating.. I’m very sporty. I love mixing up my exercises. I recommend it to everyone."

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