Can Your Medication or Disease Make You Gain Weight?

September 17, 2010

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If you are taking medications to help you keep in check a chronic disease and you are overweight, your weight problems can be related to your medications. The best thing you can do is talk to your doctor to find out if that is the case.

Your doctor can also tell you if your chronic disease is what causes your weight problems. There are some diseases that can favor weight gain or make weight loss more difficult. For example if you have a hormonal imbalance weight loss can be hard.

The truth is that few people can blame their weight problems on the medications they take or a certain disease. More likely than not if you are suffering from weight problems, they are due to unhealthy eating habits and a total lack of exercising.

To find out the source of your weight problems, start by looking at your lifestyle. If you have a super healthy lifestyle (you get plenty of exercise and eat only healthy food), then and only then you can start thinking that your weight problems are due to a disease or medication.

The first step to losing weight is taking action. Get a healthy lifestyle. If that doesn’t help you lose weight, you should seek medical advice on what the cause might be. Your doctor, after running some tests, can pin point the source of the problem.

Even if your medication or chronic disease is what makes you fat, a healthy lifestyle can only help you alleviate your health issues. So don’t get discouraged by your doctor’s gloom and doom announcements. Strive to have a healthier life and your health will improve in time. You might even lose some weight too. You can’t achieve anything if you don’t try.

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