Brooke Shields’ Diet and Exercise Tips: She’s 45 But She’s Hot

November 28, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Brooke Shields eases her way to the spotlight with her TV series "The Lipstick Jungle" and she’s back with a leaner, sexier body. In case you haven’t noticed, she not only looks as amazing as she did when she first emerged on the scene with her Calvin Klein jean ads, she’s more fab-ber than ever. Here are her thoughts on looking fabulous through the years.

"I don’t deny myself, it’s when I deny myself that I want to eat more." She shares. "Life is too short, so I eat what I want, then I work out. Working out makes me feel better, stronger."

Brooke Shields’ diet is a low carbohydrate eating plan where foods high in digestible carbohydrates are replaced with foods containing a higher percentage of fats and proteins, although fruits and vegetables are allowed. 

Brooke-Shields.jpeg"Carbs where the first thing to go when I wanted to lose weight." Brooke says. "I satisfy myself without going overboard, and I drink lots of water. I can actually see how much healthier my skin and hair look."

Brooke also has found the benefits of grazing, in which she consumes small meals throughout the day to normalize her blood sugar levels and curbing her food cravings.

Brooke Shields’ exercise regimen focuses on toning her muscles through yoga, spinning, and Tae Bo.

“The thing that works for me the most is spinning. I lost a great dea of weight doing that. It kept my heart rate up and burned more calories." Brooke shares. "I tend to slack off, but I try to do something active three times a week, to do spinning, yoga and to hike."

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