Brooke Burke’s Diet and Exercise Secrets From a Mother-of-Four

November 28, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Looking at Brooke Burke, no one would ever guess she’s in her late 30s and the mother of four beautiful children. Blessed with uber good looks and a rocking body, the reality TV host and former model continues to turn heads of men and women alike. 

"I lost the post baby weight by making it fun." She shares. "I’m an eater, I don’t believe in crazy cleanses, they’re just quick fixes, what I believe in is proper diet and exercise."

Brooke Burke’s diet plan is actually composed of 5 meals a day which she believes helps her speed up the metabolism. She likewise adopted a balanced low-carbohydrate meal that includes eating raw vegetables, lots of salad, fish and meat. She avoids taking in any processed flour, bread or refined sugar.


Brook Burke’s exercise routine, she does cardio and Pilates 30 minutes to an hour three times a week, which helps in strengthening and toning up her body.

Brooke shares, “I’ve been doing pilates for about nine years – it’s a really good head-to-toe body-toning exercise. I started with my first pregnancy, and I did it through all four. I’m always active with my kids. I don’t have time to really go to a gym, but I try to get my cardio by walking with them.”

She also does the Core Secrets Workout which includes jogging, swimming and hiking for one hour thrice a week to help her burn calories and increase stamina.

"My fiance and I motivate each other." She says. "We make walking and hiking fun."

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