Brooke Burns’ Diet and Exercise Secrets for Keeping that Killer Shape

December 10, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Former fashion model Brooke Burns has one of Hollywood’s most gorgeous laughs, but more than her bubbly personality, this 5 foot 9 star is absolutely breathtaking, with her pretty face and fit physique, which she maintained even after giving birth.

"Eat what you want!" She says with one of those effusive laughs of hers. "But in moderation."

brooke-burns.jpgBrooke Burns’ diet follows portion control, which gives her no food restrictions, but limits her serving size.

"Well, I don’t believe in eating diet food. Eating is a joy!" She shares. "I think you should just eat in moderation. Like, you can have three bites of this cake, but your’e not gonna ask for a second helping anymore."

With regards to her workout regimen, Brooke Burns’ exercise routine mainly consists of cardio exercises like jogging and swimming, even after the 2005 accident where she almost broke her neck by diving in the pool and hitting the bottom.

"Yeah, I still swim." She says. "But no diving anymore.."

Brooke also includes surfing and trampolining in her workout routine, which is something she does with her son.

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