Catt Sadler’s Diet and Exercise Tips Using Her Own Exercise Routine

December 10, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

Gorgeous host of E!s Daily Ten Catt Sadler exudes sexy confidence onscreen and offscreen, while balancing life as a mother and Hollywood’s "it" girl, we got her to dish on how she got herself a sizzling celebrity body.

"I just try to make the right choices. My workout routine is all over the place." She says. "But as far as my diet goes, I just try to maintain everything in moderation."

Catt-Sadler.jpgCatt Sadler’s diet consists of low calorie meals. She does indulge in the occasional cheeseburger and chocolate, but mostly her dietary intake includes lots of healthy greens, fruits and lean proteins.

Catt Sadler’s exercise includes hiking, biking, dancing, Pilates and Yoga.

"It’s funny, I don’t even have time to go to the gym sometimes. I just work out from where I am." She says laughingly. "But so far, everything’s still working, I guess the moderation thing is really just what it takes."

Catt also does a 5-step abs workout created by Celeb Trainer Tracy Anderson, to maintain the tone of her abdominal muscles.

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