Best Arm Workout: a simple 2 exercise killer arms workout

A beautiful and well maintained body will give you confidence and a positive thinking. It is recognized the fact that a series of physical exercises that are practiced regularly and a minimum effort contributes to maintaining a balanced body, and it also improve blood circulation and concentration.

Yes, we know that your career is important, that you have a demanding job and a family that needs all your attention, that you have to answer “here I am!” every time you have to, whether it is your boss, your spouse or your children. Do you ever have time to say “here I am!” to yourself?

Well why not? You know what they say, the beginning is a little hard, you get your rhythm and the end is gratifying! We give you a series of simple exercises that you can make at home. Here is the best arms workout:

If you decided to tone your arm muscles you first need two dumbbells, that can vary between one and 20 pounds, depending on the weight of every individual. No dumbbells? No problem, they can be replaced by two bottles of water. Or more if needed.

Before you start do not forget one essential thing, 3-10 minutes of warm up. Most workout injuries are due to a lack of proper warm up routine.


A warm up is not just a need, but a must, to prepare your tendons and joints for effort. Unfortunately, very little people know this and most think that if they ran a little bit and made a little effort they are ready, this is just a false impression.

So, do not forget to warm up! Then you are ready to get to business! This first exercise will work your biceps. You can watch you favorite show, listen to music, and make this simple exercise, 10-15 repetitions, depending on how fit or determined you are. Just do the classic dumbbell lifts with each of your arms.

Every move has to be slow, controlled and do not forget to keep your back straight. Move your arms very slowly, making sure that your arm muscles get a good workout. It’s not about speed. You have to let your arms hit a dead point at the end of the down movement. That way you are forced to use your muscles to lift the weight back up. Also you prevent possible injuries this way.

The second exercise concentrates on your triceps. All you need is a good chair.

Like the first exercise, I recommend a series of 10-15 repetitions a day. This exercise involves sustaining your body weight on your arm with your back to the chair while lowering and raising your body with the help of your arms. . Just remember to sustain a correct position protecting your bone structure.


The best part of doing this arm workout is that you can do it at home while watching TV. Just pick up the weights and work those muscles. Just make sure you warm up before. Ideally you should use weights that strain your arms muscles enough as to make it a little hard to finish the last rep. That way you will get beautifully sculpted arm muscles.

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