A Simple Body Workout for a Great Looking Torso

January 22, 2010

Exercise & Fitness

So, if you think that your body muscles are not as toned as you would like, do not call the plastic surgeon, but follow, for six weeks, the program that we propose today.

I suggest two exercises, the first consists in a series of pushups, to begin make it just half way until your body gets used to the effort, once that happens, go to full pushups in series of 12-15 a day. The pushups have to be slow and controlled and do not forget to breath deep.




If you do not think you are fit enough at first, you can make wall pushups until you get used to it. Keep you hands apart, and push against the wall at a 45 degree angle. Soon you will be able to do floor pushups.

As a second exercise, take the two dumbbells that you used for the arms workout. Lie down on your back and lift the dumbbells up and down bending your elbows. Their weight is established by you, or by your “courage” and determination, but they do not have to go over nine pounds if you are out of shape.


Like for the first body workout exercise, I recommend you do 12-15 repetitions a day. Your body will get a fabulous workout.

These exercises can be made even if you already have a beautiful and toned torso. Nothing lasts forever and we all know that it is easier to prevent than to treat.

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