Are There Any Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast

It all depends what does easy mean to you. If an easy way to lose weight means for you that you will exercise frequently and eat only healthy food then there is an easy was to lose weight fast for you. But if exercising is a dreaded chore and life is pointless without eating something fatty and unhealthy daily, then there aren’t any easy ways to lose weight for you.

Everything is relative. What is easy for someone can be very complicated to someone else. But for the majority of us losing weight is hard. That is why we fall prey to all the latest fad diets and lose weight fast schemes that actually don’t work.

In our fast paced world we are used to instant results that are also very easy to obtain. Nobody wants to work for long periods of time without getting any significant results. Instant gratification is the word of the hour. Unfortunately if you want to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off you will have to take your time, put in the effort first and then reap a smoking hot body.


The major flaw that all the easy ways to lose weight have is the fact that they don’t teach you how to have a balanced healthy life. Once the fad diet or weight loss solution is over you go back to your old eating habits. Guess what happens once you go back to your old eating habits. Exactly, you will get fat once again. You sure don’t want this but the weight loss miracle cures are banking on it. In fact most of them make most their money thanks to their repeat customers. So it is in their best interest for the weight loss solutions they teach you to use to not work in the long run.

What most miracle weight loss systems do is help you lose weight fast and then get it back even faster. You usually get the results you bargained for, unfortunately not for a long period of time. You should stay away from the miraculous and easy ways to lose weight fast.

That is why you have to do the work, get your nose close to the grindstone and do whatever it takes to learn new healthier eating habits. You have to transform your lifestyle and make it much more healthy. This doesn’t happen overnight and there aren’t any easy ways you can follow to do this. You will need lots of perseverance and a desire to change yourself. This is actually the easiest and fastest way to lose weight in the long run. Everybody that I know that has lost a lot of weight tried lots of fad diets, got some results, but they only succeeded to achieve their ideal weight only when they seriously got to work on it.

Losing weight isn’t only physical it is also mental. I believe it is more about shifting your thinking patterns than it is about actually losing the weight. Once you have your mind backing up each end every weight loss action you take during a day it is impossible to stay fat or to ever get fat again. The complicated part consists of getting your mind to give you its full support.


The easiest way to lose weight fast, that you can follow, actually starts with your mind. Before you start dieting, exercising or doing anything that you usually have to do to lose weight, you have to work on your mind and persuade it to help you. If when you are exercising all you can think about is a cupcake or how much you hate exercising your mind isn’t helping you lose weight.

One thing you could do is use NLP to help your mind get into a weight loss mode. Be very careful what NLP methods you choose to follow and who’s book you will buy. I recommend Richard Bandler since he is one of the original creators of the NLP fields and he is also very entertaining.

As you can see there aren’t any easy ways to lose weight fast if you wish to stay fit once you get there. The smartest thing you can do is to actually do the effort from the beginning and change your eating habits and lifestyle.

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