How to Lose Weight in a Week and Detox Your Body Too

The best way to lose weight in a week is by following a detox diet. That way you get rid of all the piled up toxins found in your body and shed some extra pounds too. I must warn you that most of the weight that you will lose is water weight. This means that as soon as you go back to your old eating habits you will gain it all back.

This shouldn’t discourage you because the long term benefits of a detox diet will help you lose a lot more weight. Add to that the couple of fat pounds you will lose during the detox diet and you are looking to quite some extraordinary fat loss. By cleaning out your system, you will speed up your metabolism, turning your body into a fat burning furnace.


Before starting talking about the detox diet you should follow I must tell you that you should not abuse detox diets if you care for your health. I believe it is best to keep 1 at maximum 2 detox diets in a year, and the detox diets should always be at least 6 months apart. Also the detox diets should never ever last more than a week. If the detoxification diet you are following is super drastic you should not go on it for more than a couple of days, 3-4 at best.

You also have to prepare yourself for the detox diet. Make sure that you don’t have to do any intense physical or mental activity in while you are on the detox diet. By giving your body only low caloric food and reducing your caloric intake drastically you won’t have the same energy levels that you are enjoying today. The good news is that after the diet is over you will have even more energy and you will also lose some weight during the weeklong detoxification.

Prepare yourself with enough willpower to go through the detoxification diet. You will have to battle your food cravings and sometimes the not so pleasant side effects the detoxification process has on your body. You see your body is used to and maybe even hooked on unhealthy food. When you detox your body is like stopping smoking or going off a drug. It is very likely you will feel the full force of the withdrawal effects. If they become unbearable you should go and seek a medical doctor to consult you. You have to be very careful. I fact I recommend you do the detox diet only under direct medical supervision to be on the safe side.

How to lose weight in a week: use the 7 day detox diet

Day 1: drink lots of homemade fresh fruit and vegetable juices. In fact besides fruit and vegetable juices all you can eat all day long are raw fruits and vegetables. If you don’t have any ideas for juice recipes you can read the creative juicer recipes article. The first detox day is meant as a shock and awe attack on the toxins found in your body, preparing your body to eliminate them. All the vitamins and minerals form the fruits and vegetables will benefit you a lot.

Day 2: during this day you can eat as many boiled potatoes as you wish. A good way to serve them is mashed with some low fat milk and parsley. Potatoes contain lots of potassium, an essential mineral for the proper functioning of your body. By eating a massive amount of potassium you will replenish your reserves. To make the meals more appetizing you can include as many boiled or raw vegetables as you wish. You can make a delicious potato and vegetable salad in which you can add a sprinkle of virgin olive oil.


Day3: this is the rice eating day. Boil 250 grams of rice and make 5 portions out of it. Every 2-3 hours eat one portion of rice. If you can’t stand plain rice you can add some tomato sauce over it and some vegetables. You can cook quite a delicious dish this way. Make sure you also drink lots of water.

Day 4: is the fruit eating day. You can eat all the fruit your heart desires and you can also drink as many fresh fruit juices as you please. You should plan ahead for this day and go to the supermarket and buy all the fruits that you like. You should also buy some fruits that you have never tired. Make this day an adventure. During one meal, you can have a real treat: you can eat fruits with some low fat cheeses. Delicious!

Day 5: if you like Italian food you will love this day. During day five you can eat pastas with low fat and no meat tomato sauce. You can add as many vegetables and mushrooms as you wish in the sauce to give it a better flavor. You should eat 5 times during the day, and each time you have to eat only enough food to last you until the next meal.

Day 6: is the vegetable eating day. You can eat only vegetables, raw or boiled. I recommend you eat them raw. You can also make fresh vegetable juices from them. Salads are the secret to get past this day. To make the salads more tasty add some virgin olive oil in them.


Day 7: finally you can eat some meat. True it is boiled meat but it is much better than no meat at all. You can consider the meat you can eat during the last day of the weeklong weight loss and detox diet as a reward to making it so far. You can eat boiled beef, chicken or fish meat with a salad. You should avoid eating more than 120-150 grams of meat at one sitting.

To maximize how much weight you can lose in a week and to do a total body cleanse you have to drink a lot of water. If you don’t like plain water you can drink unsweetened teas and coffee. When it comes to coffee you should try to drink as little as possible.

If you want to lose weight in a week and also detox your body, all you have to do is follow the above mentioned detoxification diet plan. A simple variation of this diet that is geared more towards weight loss can be read here: Use this Diet to Lose 10 pounds Fast: lose 10 pounds in 1 week.

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