Am I Too Skinny: How Skinny is Too Skinny

July 19, 2010

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The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates~Dave Barry

Being only skin and bones isn’t sexy at all. Some duper models are that way and it beats me who the hell would go watch them. They have nothing sexy about them. You can’t make love to a too skinny lover because they are so pointy. Besides they have no flesh to grab and caress.

The TV has perverted the image of what is sexy and what isn’t sexy. Having lots of clothes on them, some of the super skinny supermodels look decent, but if you see a picture where they expose more of their skin, all you will see is a walking skeleton. Not sexy at all, in fact quite scary.

To look good you don’t have to be skinny. It isn’t healthy and you don’t look that great either. Being sexy is all about having the right curves. For women the waist to hip ratio should be 0.7 and for men 0.9. If you are near that ratio you will look great, regardless if you are a little overweight according to the height and weight chart. That chart isn’t that great and precise as we were believed to think. It is flawed in so many ways.

If you are asking yourself “Am I too skinny?” you can find out the answer easily by doing a simple test. Can you see all your ribs sticking out from under your skin? If you can then you are too skinny. A good healthy body has muscles on it, even a thin layer of fat. When you look at your body you should see lean toned muscles, that give your body an alluring shape.

You don’t have to be a muscle builder. In fact I don’t find big bulgy muscles that appealing at all. Instead you should have athletic muscles that look great and keep you healthy at the same time. Toned muscles make your waist narrower and give your body a toned look.

So how skinny is too skinny? Well is a medical student can use you as a walking skeleton then you are too skinny. It’s not natural too see too many of your own bones all over your body. What you should see when you look in the mirror are toned muscles and a healthy skin.

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