Be Afraid of Being Too Fat

July 19, 2010

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Not afraid of heights – afraid of widths.~Author Unknown

Being a little overweight can be acceptable. You don’t look that bad because of it and your general health doesn’t suffer any adverse fat effects. But fat can sneak up upon yourself, and one day you will look in the mirror and discover an obese person staring back at you. So be careful.

If you don’t care if you gain 5 pounds you will more than likely gain a lot more fat that 5 pounds and not care. I’m not saying that you should despair each time when you gain some weight. It will happen sometime and the best think you can do is be calm and take action. Nothing happens if you don’t take action. Despair or disinterest won’t get you to your desired outcome.

I have set it up so that each time I go on a scale and I see an extra 5 pounds of fat, I start intensifying my workout and eat more low cal food so I lose all that sneaky fat. A weekend of excess is all you need to gain an extra 5 pounds. Drinking and eating lots and lots of junk food will make you gain weight like you won’t believe it.

Having a 5 pound alarm is fabulous. Losing 5 pounds of fat isn’t that hard, especially if the fat is new. It’s not really settled in and your body isn’t accustomed to those 5 extra pounds. So losing them should be fairly easy.

If you suffer from frequent weight swing you should check a doctor. Gaining weight and losing it over and over again is not natural and it might signify the presence of an imbalance in your organism.

Also if you have been working out, doing strength training exercises, it might be that you gained 5 pounds of muscles, which is always good. More muscles burn more energy, making weight management a lot easier.

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