Brandy’s Diet and Exercise Tips: The Secrets of A Hot R&B Singer

November 28, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

This Grammy award winning RnB songstress is no stranger to the benefits of a proper diet and exercise. Her knockout body was achieved through months of hard work and discipline.

"I realized that eating to live is better than living to eat." Brandy shares. "Your body is your temple, you have to take care of it."

Brandy’s diet used to follow the vegetarian way of eating, but gave it up in favor of the Zone diet, which basically focused on consuming well-balanced meals while limiting the intake of bad carbohydrates.

Brandy.jpgBrandy’s diet helps control her insulin levels to keep her slim. She makes sure to eat the right amount of healthy fats, proteins, and carbs prescribed for her diet.

To keep her fit, Brandy’s exercise routine includes running, intensive martial arts style training and Tae Bo, a full body workout blending high intensity cardio exercise, body weight, circuit training and aerobics.

In addition, Brandy’s exercise regimen follows a one week program designed specifically for her.

During Sundays, she runs at least 5 miles; does circuit training workouts on Mondays; punch bag workouts on Tuesdays; interval sprints for Wednesdays; gentle running for half an hour during Thursdays and Kickboxing on Fridays.

"It’s a busy week." Brandy says with a laugh. "Staying active is key to being fit."

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