The Link Between Low Self-Esteem and a Poor Body Image

September 24, 2010

Health & Motivation

You should never let a low self-esteem to get between you and a hot body. Believe it or not, but there are lots of people who don’t take action, don’t start losing weight because they believe they don’t deserve a hot body. Nonsense!

Everybody is entitled to a smoking hot body. It is your God given right to look as good as you can and be super healthy. That is why you have to get rid of any self-esteem issues and lose weight with confidence.

You deserve to lose weight. You are entitled to a hot body. And more than anything else, you deserve to be healthy and fit. Losing weight at the expense of your health is never a good idea. To fix any low self-esteem problems you might have, all you have to do is to ask more from yourself.

Set bigger goals and even if you fail at least you will be a lot better off then you were to begin with. Let’s say you set it as a goal to get six pack abs. Along the way you manage to lose a lot of weight, get fit but those darn six pack abs don’t show themselves. So what if you don’t have the abs of a movie star. I bet you are the most fit person in your circle of friends. This is also guaranteed to improve your sex life.

So you didn’t get six pack abs, but you look better than ever. Now that is a great way to fail at losing weight. And it all starts by demanding from yourself the best outcome possible.

To help you get your head game right you can also read some self-help books. In them you can find some great and simple to do exercises that bust through self-esteem problems and depression like a knife through butter.

A simple exercise that I like is the following: picture the perfect life. The kind of life you would like to live. Make the picture in your mind as vivid and real as possible. Once you have it all done, step inside that picture and bathe in the feeling of having accomplished all those things. Look back and see exactly what you have done to get there.

This is a simple to do mental exercise that is super powerful. Give it a try and be amazed by what you will discover. It is a great way to experience the future today and get solutions to problems that now seem insolvable.

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