Alicia Keys Diet and Exercise Tips to Get That Rocking Body

November 23, 2010

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If you’ve never heard of Alicia Keys, than you must be living under a rock for the past decade. The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter not only has a lovely voice and incredible piano skills but also has a rocking to-die-for bod.

The 30 year old musician believes in maintaining her natural curves by eating a well-balanced diet and regular exercise.

Alicia Key’s diet is basically based on a healthy diet called the 5-factor diet.  The plan is said to give you results in just 5 weeks, by eating five 5-factor meals per day that uses only five ingredients and takes only five minutes to prepare. Talk about a lot of fives, huh? The diet is said to be more effective when workout is done for shorter periods of time rather than spending hours at the gym.

alicia-keys.jpgAlicia Key’s diet likewise includes a one day break from the regimen that prevents her from cheating and at the same time, keeps her motivated.

"With Harley’s plan, the focus is not on starving yourself but on healthful living so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the foods you love." Alicia says. "Once you get started, you get addicted to looking, feeling, and living your best."

Celebrity fitness trainer, Harley Pasternak based Alicia Key’s exercise routine on the five factor exercise plan, which recommends shorter periods spent on doing exercises, specifically a 25-minute workout regimen. Her fitness instructor also advised her to do toning and unilateral strength training using dumbbells. Exercises like this greatly benefits the heart, which at the same time, has to keep pumping during the workout session, burning a lot of extra calories.

Alicia Key’s exercise regimen also includes biking, swimming, rowing, and running especially during warm weathers.

“I like when it’s warm, if I can just hit a city block or hit a block, it gives me something to really concentrate on.  And it’s time alone, so I really like that a lot,” she says.

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