Ali Larter’s Diet and Exercise Tips Will Help You Stay In Shape

November 23, 2010

Celebrity Weight Loss

You may have adored her pretty face in movies like Resident Evil, Final Destination, and Varsity Blues, but in person, Ali Larter is much more than that. Along with that pretty face comes great acting skills and a killer body, even after giving birth to a baby boy last 2010.

"Working out has always been a part of my life." She says. "And after pregnancy, it became more important for me to take care of myself."

Ali Larter’s diet is generally all-organic. A typical diet for her would consist of whole grain cereals for breakfast, grilled chicken salad for lunch and lamb ragout and salad for dinner founded on portion control

"I really rarely eat carbs." Ali admits. "I eat whatever I want, but in moderation."

ali-larter.jpgIn addition, Ali drinks a lot of water, knowing water is a natural appetite suppressant and prefers home cooked meals rather than eating out.

Also, working out plays a big role in Ali Larter’s every day routine. She considers exercise as one of her priorities and she stays active by playing sports like softball and soccer.

"I grew up playing sports." Ali says. "It’s non negotiable."

Ali Larter’s exercise routine also consists of jogging for 25 minutes every morning for three or four times a week.

With her discipline in proper diet and regular physical activity, it’s no wonder how Ali continues to have a great figure even after giving birth.

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