Vanessa Williams’ Diet and Exercise Routine: The Structured Way

January 12, 2011

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Vanessa Williams has pretty much conquered everything. From being the first Miss America of African American descent, she has had a flourishing career as an actress, model and singer. She’s now 46 and a mother of four, but looking at her, no one would have guessed otherwise. The 5 foot 6 beauty is still as gorgeous as ever, with her cappuccino skin, crystal clear blue eyes and lean body.

"The secret to aging well and looking good is being open to whatever is bestowed upon you and not being afraid to act on it." She says. "As years pass, you know it’s gonna take a toll on your body, so you have to start being mindful of the stuff you eat, of what you’re putting in it."

Vanessa-Williams.jpgVanessa Williams’ diet follows the Five Factor diet plan made by famous celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. The main principle of the 5-Factor Diet is to eat 5 meals per day that must be composed of 5 components specifically a lean protein, a complex carbohydrate, fiber, a "good" fat, and a sugar-free drink.

The choices of the food are based on the Glycemic Index (GI), which rates foods based on their effect on the glucose level in the body. This means that eating foods that has a low glycemic index together with high fiber foods can lead help control one’s cravings and prevent overeating as the blood sugar level is kept stable. 

The diet also comes with an exercise plan; the Five Factor Workout
 follows the following variables every week: Type of exercise (strength training, cardiovascular, core movements), Repetitions, Sets, Resistance level, and Rest Periods.

For Vanessa Williams’ exercise routine, she does a total of 25 minutes of workout with the use of only dumbbells plus bench. Vanessa Williams’ exercise routine includes doing cardio exercises for 5 minutes that increases the heart rate to 65% to 85%. This is followed by strength training workouts that include two different sets with sets, repetitions, and rest varied each week. This exercise is done for 10 minutes. Third, she does core exercise that involves various crunches and twists and again varying rep, set, and rest ranges done for 5 minutes. Last part is the cool down done for a minimum of 5 minutes to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness.

"During times I don’t see my trainer, I run on the treadmill." She says. "It’s as simple as cutting back on sweets, watching what you eat then eat a lot of proteins and leafy greens. You’ll definitely see the results."

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