Val Kilmer’s Diet and Exercise Routine: All You Need is Five!

March 4, 2011

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Hardworking superstar Val Kilmer has appeared in over 50 films, including blockbusters such as Top Gun, Batman Forever, True Romance, Real Genius and Felon. Now 51, the 6 foot tall actor may have put on a little weight in recent years, a far cry from the super ripped body he possessed in his prime, but his diet and exercise routine has maintained his toned physique all the same.

Val-Kilmer.jpgVal Kilmer’s diet adheres with the principles of the 5 factor diet program which is made by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak.

This diet, weight loss and fitness program involves the skipping of carbohydrate counting, food measuring and doing time-consuming workouts. The diet plan includes 5 meals a day that is guaranteed to help you lose weight and feel less hungry throughout the entire day.

Val Kilmer’s diet plans can be obtained from the official website of the 5 factor program wherein he can get hundreds of recipes of meals that only needs five ingredients and at the same time takes 5 minutes only to prepare. Furthermore, it allows 5 cheat days within 5 weeks since the maker of the diet believers that cheating can help the person achieve his or her goals.

For Val Kilmer’s exercise routine, he follows the exercise program of the 5 factor workout. The workout plan involves shifting the routine every week with the different types of exercises such as strength training, cardiovascular, core movements including the alterations in the repetitions, sets, resistance level, as well as rest periods. Val Kilmer’s exercise only needs dumbbells and a bench throughout the 25-minute exercise routine.

The first 5 minutes cover the cardio warm up increasing the heart rate 65% to 85%. The next 10 minutes includes the strength training with two different exercises everyday with varying sets, reps and rest changed weekly. The next 5 minutes involves the core exercises with various crunches and twists and altered rep, set, and rest ranges. The last 5 minutes covers the cooldown to avoid delayed onset muscle soreness.

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