Use Your Bathroom Scale for Weight Loss Performance Feedback

July 12, 2010

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If you really want to be depressed, weight yourself in grams.~Jason Love

There is an art to weighting yourself while losing weight. The last thing you need then is to get depressed because of you lack of results. Putting your regular weigh-ins into proper perspective will help you achieve your weight loss goals without pulling your hair out.

You should go up on your bathroom scale at least once a week while losing weight and once a month after you finish losing weight. That way you can see how effective your weight loss program is and, if needed, adjust your weight loss strategy.

The most important thing you must do after each time you weigh yourself is to put the result into a positive action filled frame of mind. When you have good results it is fairly easy to do. But, say you gained 1-2 pounds. What then?

Analyze the cause of your weight gain while dieting. Did you somehow managed not to follow your diet. Many people thing they are eating food according to their diet plan, while the truth is that they aren’t. If you somehow altered the diet plan, realize that and make a commitment to yourself to never do it again.

The purpose of the weigh-ins is to keep you on track, focused on what you want to achieve. You need feedback to see if you are getting closer or not to your ideal weight. With that knowledge you will be able to take the right kind of action at the right moment. The results should never depress you or stress you out. They are just performance feedback, and you should never be angry because of feedback.

Once you have performance feedback, the appropriate response is action. If the feedback is positive do more of what you did. If it is negative, fix the problem to get on track again. The best part is you’re your bathroom scale never lies. It will always tell you the truth, exactly as it is.

Is the Bathroom Scale Torturing You?

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