Tyra Banks’ Diet and Exercise Routine: The Supermodel’s Secrets

March 3, 2011

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Standing 5 feet 11 inches tall with a 35– 23–35 hot bod, Supermodel and talk show host Tyra Banks has pure animal magnetism written all over her. She’s voluptuous and curvy in all the right places, and her confidence on and off the runway shows she wears her supermodel title with pride. Head of her own company TYinc., producing films, singing and acting, Tyra proves she’s more than just a pretty face. Here, the 37 year old stunner shares the diet and exercise routine that has given her the wonderful physique she possesses.

Tyra-Banks.jpg"I’m proud of my curves. Black men love big butts. Black women have big butts. I don’t have a problem with that." She says. "But I do eat healthily most of the time. I exercise a lot too."

Tyra Banks’ diet includes consuming foods that are fresh, whole, healthy and delicious. Her snacks also include fruits and veggies and she tries to avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages.

Among Tyra’s favorite foods are mangoes and papayas, salads with grilled shrimp and crudites with onion dip.

Furthermore, she consumes good carbohydrates and avoids bad carbs like white rice, white bread, and other carbs with low nutrition. Examples of good carbs are brown rice, whole wheat bread, etc.

Furthermore, Tyra Banks’ diet likewise includes healthy meals planned and made through the assistance of personal chef, Heather Bauer.

She likewise cooking soup dishes herself that are based from her favorite cookbook 400 Best-Ever Soups by Anne Sheasby. She likewise consumes ample protein daily through consuming chicken, fish, or other sources.

For Tyra Banks’ exercise routine, she does an hour of cardio exercise using the treadmill or through running or jogging outdoors. She also performs intensity interval training running and walking on a treadmill that is a great example of cardio exercise.

Cardio exercises can burn as much as 300 to 600 calories per workout thus effective in losing weight and maintaining it.

“I got rid of one of my couches in my living room and I watched Sex and The City episodes on the treadmill or the elliptical. So Sex and the City lasts 30 minutes – that’s how long I’m on the elliptical,” Tyra shares.

Tyra Banks’ exercise also includes boxing as a form of core strength exercise and cardio exercise too. She also works out with her with personal trainer Jeanette Jenkins and dances as well.

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