Tori Spelling’s Diet and Exercise Routine: She Spells Hot!

March 3, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Beverly Hills 90210 actress Tori Spelling is one hot mama. The 37 year old blonde bombshell quickly gained recognition all over the world in films such as A Friend to Die For and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?, but these days, she’s recognized for her svelte body, even after having two kids. Tori even made headlines some years back for losing her post-baby weight in a relatively short amount of time. Here, she finally opens up and dishes on the healthy diet and exercise routine that worked for her. 

Tori-Spelling.jpg“I’ve been lucky. I don’t know if it was genetics or age. I would eat healthy at times and pig out at times, but I never had to go on a strict diet plan.”

Tori Spelling’s diet involves the food-delivery program NutriSystem that helped a lot of people lose weight through their calorie-controlled pre-packaged meals.

Such program is among the first diets that free individuals from the hassle of grocery shopping, chopping and measuring out ingredients since they deliver meals and snacks that are calorie-controlled.

The only thing left to do with Tori Spelling’s diet is to heat it up or perhaps supplement the meals or snacks with some fresh grocery store items.

Tori shares, "Breakfast was yogurt, fruit and nuts. Lunch was homemade soup with a sweet potato or soy milk base. We’d snack on celery and peanut butter, and then I’d make lean protein with vegetables for dinner."

For Tori Spelling’s exercise routine, she jogs almost daily to keep her figure in great shape. Jogging is a form of cardio exercise similar with brisk walking, cycling, swimming and other activities that can increase the heart rate and respiratory rate temporarily. Cardio exercise is among the most essential activity that is part of one’s exercise routine since it works to burn calories as much as 300 to 500 calories per exercise.

Another activity which is part of Tori Spelling’s exercise routine is walking, another form of cardio exercise. She walks together with her family and brings her family for swimming when the weather is fine.

Tori said, "For me to go to the gym and leave my kids doesn’t make sense."

To tone up her body, she performs three sets of 12 crunches and does sit-ups daily, squats and lift weights too.

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