The Mediterranean Diet and Virgin Olive Oil Fight Heart Disease

July 13, 2010

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Everybody knows virgin olive oil is good. Actually it’s not only good, it’s great. It’s packed full with vitamins and healthy fats for your body and joints. A Mediterranean diet is very popular, healthy and yummy. When you’ve got both combined, you have a recipe for a healthy body and life. But now researchers have found out that a Mediterranean diet with virgin olive oil fights heart disease symptoms.

Study results published in the FASEB journal shed some light on the way it works. Genes associated with atherosclerosis function are altered in such a way that you can and will be more healthy.

Now we all knew that some foods are better than others so naturally some diets are way batter than others. But knowing which is which and more importantly why has been a mystery. But now thanks to these studies we have a more profound understanding why the Mediterranean diet is so good. Also this is a major step in establishing which foods are best for creating a good healthy natural selected diet

The researchers divided test subjects into 3 study groups. The first group was given a Mediterranean diet with extra virgin olive oil rich in polyphenols. The second study group was also given a Mediterranean diet but with olive oil low in polyphenols. And the 3rd group which server as the control group was left to their normal eating habits.

After just 3 short months results in the first group proved to be fascinating. The polyphenols influenced the atherosclerosis function in such a way as to lower risk levels of coronary heart disease. Also, other benefits included insulin resistance, inflammation, carcinogenesis, and tumor suppression.

That’s a lot of benefits from just one diet. And it’s also delicious to boot.

The influences caused on the genetic level were the ones most interesting for scientists. They hope that this study will act as a stepping stone into further discovering how our food can change us in profound ways and more importantly, how it can make and keep us healthy.

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