The lack of sleep makes you gain weight and sick

May 22, 2009

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It seems that too much sleep doesn’t make you fatter. On the contrary the lack of sleep make you gain weight. If you have some annoying extra pounds that you don’t seem to be able to lose you should rest more. You have to sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. If you don’t sleep enough you will wake up with a bad disposition, your will encounter memory problems and make mistakes. Also your immune system will become weakened in time.

If you don’t sleep enough you will overeat

Sleep is directly connected to your hormones. A study has shown that the persons that don’t sleep tend to be fatter. If you don’t sleep your hormones will try to gain the lost time with the help of junk food and sweets. People that don’t get enough sleep at night have an increased leptin hormone level. Leptin is the hormone responsible with transmitting to the brain the hunger feeling. That is why if you suffer from sleep deprivation you will feel hunger more intensely. People that sleep only 5-6 hours or less every night you will be more hungry during the day than the ones that sleep for 8 hours.


The link between sleep, your heart and cancer

If you suffer from sleep deprivation your heart will have to suffer a lot. Just by reducing the normal sleeping hours with 1-2 hours can lead to some cardiovascular problems. The molecules of the immune system, that get secreted when your body is fighting an infection, are present in a higher number in people that don’t sleep enough. The lack of sleep stimulates infections, which in turn help create heart diseases. Studies have shown that the lack of sleep affects the good functioning of your blood vessels. That is why most heart attacks happen during the morning hours.

According to a research, people that work during the night are predisposed to getting colon and breast cancer. Artificial light reduces the level of melatonin form your body. Melatonin is very important in protecting your body against cancer and other diseases because of its effect on the hormones, like estrogen. Ill people have to sleep more during the night to get better faster.

The quality of your sleep is important too

The lack of sleep isn’t the only way to put your health at risk. It is important to enjoy a restful sleep. If you cannot sleep, don’t seek the easy way out by taking sleeping pills or turning to alcohol. Try to eliminate the possible causes that stop you from sleeping well. You shouldn’t watch television before going to sleep. If possible you should take the TV set outside the bead room. Surfing the web before going to sleep can also have a negative impact over your sleep.


Avoid drinking coffee or energizing teas and beverages before going to bed. There should be at least a 6-10 hour interval between drinking the coffee and going to sleep.

Don’t make the mistake of going to sleep later during the week thinking you will recuperate the lost hours during the weekend. From the standpoint of your health the harm will be already done and you cannot undo it with just a couple o extra hours of sleep.

Do not stray from the 7-8 hours night sleep. Without a high quality sleep the level of the blood sugar gets increased and you will need more insulin to restore the balance.

There are people who suffer from sleep deprivation frequently. Maybe if they would change the mattress or pillow, let fresh air in the bed room they will be able to sleep better. Taking a relaxing bath or shower are excellent to make you sleep as a rock. If it helps use some incense and relaxing music to get rid of daily stress.

By having a good night sleep you will be slimmer and healthier. Life will be more joyful and every day will be a great adventure.

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