Play badminton if you want to lose weight

May 22, 2009

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According to the number of people that play badminton world with, badminton is the third largest sport. Badminton is really popular in Asia. From all the noncontact sports badminton is the most rough sport you can play. The effort you do during a badminton game is huge. That is why the burning of calories is also very high during a badminton game.

Badminton is one of the fastest racket games out there. The shuttlecock can reach speeds of up to 160 miles/hour in the competition games. Women and men alike can play badminton, regardless of their age or level of training. If you want to play this game in the international tournaments then you need to develop your stamina, technique, force and flexibility. That is why you can lose a lot of weight playing badminton. You can lose 30 pounds or more pretty fast.


There was made a comparison between a tennis final and a badminton final. The tennis final lasted 3 hours and 30 minutes while the badminton final only 1 hour and 30 minutes. The effective play time was of 22 minutes for the tennis final and of 32 minutes for the badminton final. In the tennis game the participants ran on average 1 and a half mile while in the badminton final the players ran on average 2 and a half miles. So it seems that badminton helps you burn more calories than playing tennis and it is a really good aerobic workout.

Badminton was first played in Japan in the XVII century. Then it was introduced brought to Europe by the British from India. In 1992 badminton has became an Olympic game, and is one of the few games that has a mixed competition: women-men. The Thomas cup and the Uber cup (for women) are the most prestigious badminton competitions.

On average in a simple badminton game a player runs the equivalent of 1 mile. The biggest shuttlecock can be found in the Kansas City museum and it is 48 times bigger than a normal shuttlecock. The shortest official badminton match lasted 6 minutes and took place during the 1996 Uber cup games. The longest badminton match lasted 124 minutes and took place during the 1997World Championship.

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