The Hackers Diet: Tech-Saavy Fitness

February 25, 2011

Diets & Nutrition

The Hackers diet may be a dream come true for tech-saavy individuals and computer whizzes. Developed by tech guru John Walker, the Hackers diet makes use of a straighforward calorie counting approach with a trendline as a control system.

The program is outlined in an ebook form, and provides an easy way to make small adjustment in food intake, allowing the slimmer much control of his weight. Walker describes the diet as approaching weight loss as an engineering prooblem, one whose only solution is to monitor intake, montior weight loss rate and make the desired proportional modifications to reach the target weight.


Exercise is also encourage in the program, a rigorous cardio workout combined with strength and resistance training, with the everyday progress monitored on a Hackers Diet Excel Spreadsheet. Food consumed is compared to clries burned and another added on feature is that it corrects day-to-day minor fluctuations in weight and alerts the individual when the risk of gaining back weight is imminent.

The Skinny

the Hackers Diet is an accurate weight loss tool for individuals who love numbers, are tech-saavy and don’t mind keeping daily accounts of their food and exercise behaviors. But this diet is not for everyone. If you don’t know your way around a computer, it’s best to look for another diet method.

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