Sarah Lancaster’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Killer Looks

February 25, 2011

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Beautiful model-turned-actress Sarah Lancaster is the brunette bombshell in hit movies Chuck, Everwood, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, Dr Vegas and What About Brian. Not only is the 5 foot 8, green eyed star a grand 10 in the looks department, her smoking hot physique, which she attributes to her healthy eating and workout routine, gives her yet another 10 in the total babe category.

"That’s a really nice thing to say!" She says with a smile. "I really try to eat right, and to exercise everyday. I don’t always go to the gym, I do hiking, or treadmill. It’s easier when you wake up and the treadmill is there, looking at me."

Sarah-Lancaster.jpgSarah Lancaster’s diet consists of  balanced diet and portion control to keep her lean figure. The balanced diet involves the consumption of three major food groups which are protein, carbohydrates and fats needed by the body. In every meal, these food groups are properly proportioned to ensure the dieter like Sarah gets the right nutrients at the right amount.

Sarah Lancaster’s diet actually is proven healthy and helps a lot in losing weight or maintaining it at the ideal range.

For Sarah Lancaster’s exercise routine, she loves playing some sports like tennis and during weekends, she makes use of the treadmill as a form of cardio exercise.

She likewise has a personal trainer to run with her 3 times per week, for 45 minutes per workout which is another form of cardio exercise. This kind of activity helps a lot in burning fats, revving up the metabolic process and keeping the weight at the ideal range.

Furthermore, Sarah Lancaster’s exercise likewise includes doing lots of squats, lunges, Pilates plus hiking.

She also shares, “besides hiking, I do Pilates and work out with a trainer when I can. I had to buy a treadmill for the house because the hours that we were working were so crazy. If you’re up at four, are you actually going to go to the gym?”

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