The coffee health effect and benefits on the body

March 31, 2009

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You like to smell the coffee aroma in the air, especially in the morning. Often you can’t wake up until you don’t sip a few drops of coffee. Caffeine is a good stimulator of the nervous system, of the muscles and its effect is lightning fast. But excess consumption of caffeine can cause you the exact opposite reaction, fatigue and also nervousness, tension, high heart rate, dehydration and insomnia.

Turkish coffee, expresso, frappe or cappuccino, even regular coffee, all are irresistible. If you place in the picture a good coffee with a strong soothing flavor it is almost impossible to resist the temptation. Besides the inviting smell and flavor coffee is for many a ritual, form the preparation to the place and method of serving it.

Besides the pleasures that coffee brigs there is a dark side of coffee. It is recommended that you know it and make it possible for coffee to remain a pleasure and not one of your vices that affect your health and body.

Studies show that coffee drank in moderate amounts has no adverse effects. Moderate means one cup, maximum two cups per day. What happens with your organism if you exceed that limit?


Coffee is a powerful diuretic, excessive consumption leading to dehydration of your body and organs. The more you drink more coffee and drink less water or other liquids the risk of dehydration grows higher and the effect will be one of tiredness and lack of energy. That is why it is recommended that after each cup of coffee to drink 4 glasses of water. That way you won’t run the risk of getting dehydrated.

The persons that drink coffee usually are smokers too. This combination is lethal for your body. On one side smoking reduces the calcium level in your body and coffee more often than not replaces milk. The lack of calcium in the body can lead to serious affections and an increase of the chance of osteoporosis in women especially. So don’t forget to drink coffee with milk or even better drink one glass of milk every day. If you replace whole milk with coffee then you might have problems with the calcium form your body and with your bones.

Women that want to get pregnant should renounce the consumption of coffee during that period. A high consumption of coffee can augment the time till a woman remains pregnant and increases the chance of losing the baby or giving birth to the baby too soon. During pregnancy it is good to keep away from everything that contains caffeine because caffeine can penetrate the placenta and it becomes a stimulus for the fetus. Also during breastfeeding the baby caffeine can get into the milk affecting the baby that way. Maybe that’s why so many are hooked up on coffee.

If you anemic it is best for you to drink coffee within one hour before the meals, not after. The polifenol form the coffee can intervene in the absorption of iron.


All this problems can be avoided to the degree in which you keep control of your coffee drinking habits. It is better to drink less coffee but of superior quality instead of drinking it all the time at the expense of water and other liquids. Don’t forget how important is hydration and drinking milk. Try to substitute coffee with green tea or natural juices.

And if you stick to one or two coffees per day you will enjoy and appreciate the experience more.

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