Tae Bo is a Great Fat Burning Workout: lose weight using Tae Bo

August 3, 2009

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There are many ways to lose weight. Tae Bo is just one way to lose weight. The good news about tae bo is that it is a tried and tested weight loss method.

Tae bo is a combination of physical exercises, combining aerobic, ballet, karate, boxing, hip-hop and weight lifting. In just one hour of Tae Bo training you burn 500 to 800 calories. Compare that to the calories you burn in a classic aerobic training, 300 to 400 calories, and you get the picture why Tae Bo is so good for weight loss.

By practicing Tae Bo you improve your balance, coordination, mobility, you strengthen your muscles and your bones too. If you are a veteran couch potato you can’t start exercising with Tae Bo. Even persons that are a little active and exercise find it difficult to start practicing Tae Bo straight away. I recommend you start with classic aerobic exercises for 1 month and then join a tae Bo class.


Tae Bo can be similar to self defense classes but it isn’t one. The hard Tae Bo exercises, when you have to jump up and kick with the leg in the air put a lot of strain on the body and help you burn a lot of calories. Tae Bo isn’t just a way to lose weight but it is also a hell of a cardiovascular workout when done properly.

Here are some simple tips to help you practice Tae Bo in safety:

  • -do slowly, down and easy the leg kicks and fist strikes. Whatever you do don’t hurl your fists and legs form the first training session. Start slowly and kick with your legs at a height of about 20 inches above the soil. Do this especially for the lateral and backswing kicks.
  • -you should avoid doing more than 3 Tae Bo training every week. Start with one Tae Bo training per week and work your way up to 3 trainings per week. You can increase the number of Tae Bo trainings only if you are in a good physical shape.
  • -alternate between a light Tae Bo workout and a difficult one.
  • -pick a good Tae Bo trainer to help you exercise and lose weight as fast as possible.
  • -always warm-up before the Tae Bo training.
  • -ask your doctor if your body can take an intense workout training like Tae Bo. Just to be on the safe side.

Tae Bo is increasing in popularity with each passing year. If you decide it is up your alley you should definitely give it a try.

Find out more about The Tae Bo workout and it’s cardio benefits.

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