The tae bo workout and it’s cardio benefits

March 27, 2009

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Tae bo is an aerobic workout that is extremely popular. This sport has its roots in kickboxing and the one that invented it and developed it is Billy Blanks.

How does a tae bo workout unfolds? At a rapid and sustained pace. In fact tae bo is a mix of leg kicks and punches like in kickboxing and stretching elements for relaxation at the beginning and at the end. The key for a successful taebo workout is an alert execution of the moves and putting some force behind every hit. It really helps if you can imagine a person that you can’t stand and that you would like to kick a little or more. A tae bo session lasts for 50 minutes without breaks. In the so called breaks between the kicking sessions you do static jump so that you won’t lose your momentum.


In tae bo there are a series of movements that the instructor melts together in a sort of dance making the workout very varied. A good instructor can make sure that no one will ever get bored with the exercises. The tae bo movements work all the muscles. Unfortunately for a six pack abdomen you still have to work it out after the tae bo session.

The movements are executed in eight sets, the advanced tae bo practitioners can do nine sets and the beginners can be satisfied with two-three sets.

What are the benefits of tae bo

Tae-bo is an aerobic and cardio workout, which makes you work out a sweat and lose weight at a faster pace if you workout constantly during a week. In two-three weeks you will notice how your muscles are getting better defined and your physical resistance got a significant boost. But maybe the impressive effect of tae bo is the energy and force sensation that it give you. After one hour of tae bo you feel the desire run, climb a mountain. You feel like you could do anything.

How can you start

You can go to a gym or buy some video tapes for home usage. I recommend going to a tae bo gym because the workout is more fun when a whole group of people moves at the same time and it is much more easy when the instructor keeps the sets count. Besides when you know that the tae bo workout is on your schedule and you have to be at the gym at a certain hour you are more inclined to follow thru with your workout plan. At home there are more distractions.

Difficulties in practicing tae bo

Tae bo isn’t an easy workout for the beginners. It is particularly difficult for the persons that have a potato couch lifestyle. That is why you should start as a beginner with small aerobic exercises two weeks prior to starting the tae bo workout sessions.

During the tae bo workout when you feel you can’t do it anymore take a short break of 15-20 seconds. It isn’t good for your heath to exert too much effort too soon. With time you will be able to resist one whole hour non-stop and you will be proud of your achievement.

Besides the effort the other great challenge that tae bo brings to the beginner practitioners is coordination. When the movement set is more complex it is much more difficult to execute correctly and simultaneously the kicks and punches. The trick is not to mimic the instructor at first at exactly the same time he does the moves because you won’t succeed. Take a little time and learn the moves and execute them without paying attention to the others. That way the movements will get engrained correctly and you will be able to do them at the same rhythm with the instructor. It’s just like learning to dance. It takes some time but it’s worth it.

Tae bo isn’t a sport for everybody. If you like to sweat a lot and workout to your limit and feel powerful then you should definitely give it a go. You will love it. But if you have no stamina and you like taking little breaks during your workout then maybe the tread mill is better suited for you. But you don’t what you are missing on.

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