Suzanne Shaw’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Losing Weight in 6 Weeks

March 17, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Singer-actress Suzanne Shaw, best known for playing Eve Jenson in popular soap opera Emmerdale surprised everyone when she lost 11 pounds in just 6 weeks. The 5 feet 2 inch star now proudly shows off her slim figure in all her television appearances, even wearing sexy bikinis during photo shoots. And why not? The 28 year old, blue-eyed beauty certainly has a body worth flaunting, thanks to her healthy weight loss plan and regular exercise routine.

Suzanne-Shaw.jpgSuzanne Shaw’s diet includes eating foods rich in protein like red meat, skinless chicken, fish, eggs and low-fat dairy products.

This is because high-protein foods can assist her to feel fuller for a longer period of time so when eaten regularly can help achieve healthy weight loss. She also consumes foods low in fat particularly saturated fat.

Furthermore, Suzanne Shaw’s diet allows her to eat foods with low or medium glycemic index such as pulses, oats, fruit, veg, wholewheat pasta and bread.

This helps in keeping the blood glucose levels at the normal range. She also eats foods rich in whole grains, including wholemeal bread, oats, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

For Suzanne Shaw’s exercise routine, she works out with Virgin Active fitness trainer, Colin Marshall.

“I used Kettlebells exercise equipment as part of Suzanne’s fitness training exercise program as a way to strengthen her core and tone up her stomach area,” her personal trainer shares.

This particular exercise equipment needs to be thoroughly understood before it can be used and included in any fitness training exercise.

To help improve her core strength and at the same time tone up her abdomen, Suzanne Shaw’s exercise routine includes the following: the front squat fitness exercise that integrates workouts intended for the core, glutes (bum), spinal flexibility and legs. She also does lying single leg raise fitness exercise to work out her core, and side plank hip raise fitness exercise for the core as well and the obliques (side core) and glutes (bum) too.

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