Obesity is Taking Over the World

July 20, 2010

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Obesity is really widespread.~Joseph O. Kern II

According to a recent report, in more than half of the United States the obesity rate is over 25%. This is an all time high and a bad indicator for what is about to come. If 10 years ago the highest obesity rate was under 20%, today it is soaring higher and higher.

The widespread eating of unhealthy foods coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle is the power engine that is propelling obesity to world domination. I hope this will never happen because of the global health implications and the drama that will spring out of it.

If you watch the news you can see how the rising obesity levels are crippling the healthcare system. Almost all the countries around the world are scrambling to reform their healthcare systems. They just can’t measure up to the relentless surge of health problems generated by obesity.

Studies are predicting a lowering of the average life expectancy of the future generation, an unprecedented phenomenon in the human history. Usually the future generations lived a lot longer and better than the past generations.

Obesity is taking over the world and changing it forever. For the better or for the worst, who know what the effects will be. It is up to you to rise up and fight against obesity by adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating mainly healthy food. The war against obesity can only be won at an individual level. Join the obesity fighting army, lose weight and become fit. That is the only way of stopping the relentless advancement of obesity.

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