Obesity Epidemic Confirmed by Growing Obesity Rates

July 7, 2010

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Over the past year obesity rates in 28 US states have increased proving that Americans are still getting fatter and fatter. Executive director for the Trust for America’s Health, Jeff Lewis confirmed that "More than two-thirds of states now have adult obesity rates above 25 percent," Proving that the obesity epidemic is on the rise and that it’s probably the biggest health issue ever confronted by the public.

It used to be that in 1991 not even one US state had an obesity rate over 20%. In just two short decades public health has drastically declined reaching alarming levels. This is no longer a problem of looking good or not, this has become a problem of life or death for most people. Obesity related health issues trigger more annual death now than ever before.

Out of all US states, Mississippi reigns supreme as the fattest American state with an obesity rate of 33.8% in adults. One in every 3 people from Mississippi is obese, and this rate does not include overweight people. Statistics tend to show that only 1 out of 3 people there have a normal weight. For the first time ever in the history of America and probably the world, fat people are no longer a minority. Fat and overweight people have become the majority, at least in Mississippi, for now.

In terms of weight, the healthiest states are from the north and north-east such as Colorado with a 19.1% obesity rate ( just about the same as the fattest state back in 1991) followed by Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Utah and New Jersey. District of Columbia was the only state to show a decline in obesity rates proving to America that all hope is not lost.

Statistics showed a proportional link between annual income and obesity, with the rate peaking in families grossing in 15,000$ per year and slowly declining as income grows and exceeds 50,000$ per year. One possible cause for the growing obesity rates is the economic recession and overly available cheap fast food meals.

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