How to Look Good If You Are Overweight

July 20, 2010

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She looked as if she had been poured into her clothes and had forgotten to say “when.”~P.G. Wodehouse

The simplest thing you can do to look good if you are overweight is wear loser clothes. Clothes that are too tight make the fat take odd forms that never make you look good. This is the quick fix that will take most of the judging eyes off your back.

The next thing you must do is lose weight. If you are overweight and you wish to look smoking hot you must lose weight. How many sex symbols can you enumerate that were or are fat. I can’t think of any. If you want to be hot you have to lose the fat.

To get you motivated to lose weight and look good, go and buy some hot clothes. Don’t buy just clothes that will fit you when you are thin. Buy clothes that you can wear along the way. Each time you will get to wear a skinnier piece of clothing celebrate. You are on your way to becoming sizzling hot.

To lose weight find a healthy weight loss diet that best suits your personality. A diet that includes at least some food you enjoy eating is a must if you don’t want to be ravaged by food cravings.

To look good you don’t only have to lose weight. You also have to tone your muscles. A skinny flabby ass is a serious turn off and a huge blow to your looks. Go hit the gym and start exercising those muscles. This will also help you lose weight. So you get to hit two birds with one stone.

To loom good you also have to take care of your skin. If you have cellulite, go and get some anti-cellulite massages as soon as possible. The anti-cellulite massage combined with you losing weight should help you get rid of cellulite fast.

As you can see losing weight is the secret to looking great. If you lose weight, it is impossible not to look good. That is what drives most people to lose weight after all.

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