Study Show that Obesity Health Risks are Cancer Causes

July 6, 2010

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A study performed on 401,215 subjects from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand, Australia and South Korea showed that obesity health risks are cancer causes. For some time now obesity has been regarded as a health risk and in the west it has been viewed as a cancer cause, but there haven’t been any conclusive studies conducted on the asian population.

In the past few decades obesity rates in asian countries have been soaring, even in China contrary to popular belief. The massive emigration of people from the countryside into the fast growing cities in hopes of a better living has created a new and more dangerous life style. Now the exercise less, live a more sedentary life and eat fattier foods.

These alarmingly fast growing obesity rates and higher cancer related death have compelled researchers to study the causes and try to find a link in between obesity health risks and cancer causes. The study was completed in a 4 year period and it concluded that compared to people who were of normal weight, obese people were 21% more likely to die from cancer. People who were overweight we 6% more likely to die from cancer

Out of all the participants in the study, the obese one were especially vulnerable to colon cancers, rectum cancers, leukemia, breast cancers and ovary cancers.

This study has urged scientists to search for ways to stop or at least slow down the obesity epidemic in Asia so as to prevent further increases in cancer related death in this region. Scientist fear that if left alone the epidemic will spread to greater proportions than the one in the U.S since Asian countries are rapidly growing economies. Obesity comes as something new for them since the traditional asian diet is high in fibers and low in fat. The new trends in which more and more people indulge will trigger rapidly growing obese rates followed by steadily increasing cancer related deaths.

Christine Parr ‘s group at the University of Oslo in Norway concluded ”New strategies are urgently needed to tackle the obesity epidemic”

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