Natalie Portman’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Staying Fit and Healthy

December 28, 2010

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They say looking good in Hollywood takes a lot of smoke and mirrors, but  Natalie Portman is an exception to that. The 5 foot 3 stunner possesses such a potent cocktail of elegance and beauty, and just when you thought her star couldn’t get any brighter, she goes ahead and wins a Golden Globe award, an Oscar nod and announces her pregnancy. Armed with a maturity well beyond her years and a subtle sexuality that just creeps up on you, she is without a doubt one of the most coveted and successful actresses in Tinseltown.

"I do go in diets for movie roles. Doing Black Swan really challenged me, I lost so much weight. But now that the filming is done, I get to eat normally again." She says. "I don’t recommend an extreme diet for anyone."

Natalie-Portman.jpgNatalie Portman’s diet is adhered to a vegetarian eating plan with portion control. This diet is focused on consuming organically grown plant-based foods, while meat and dairy products are excluded altogether, in support of animal and environmental rights.

"I’m a very strict vegetarian. I just really, really love animals, and I act on my values." She states.

At times, Natalie treats herself to desserts but only in moderate portion controlled amounts.

Natalie Portman’s exercise routine mainly consists of Yoga daily, which involves doing gentle stretching, proper breathing patterns, and doing progressive deep relaxation. 

"I mostly do yoga, but I also have spinning classes and Pilates." Natalie shares. "It’s always good to know your’e helping yourself burn more calories."

Natalie also keeps herself active by hiking, jogging and running on the treadmill when she is not spending time in the gym.

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