Losing Weight Fast: On-The-Go Food For The Busy Person

March 8, 2011

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Losing weight for busy people always seems like a bad case of so much fat, so little time. It is pretty hard trying to eat the right things when you don’t have the time to prepare the meals. Fear not, we hear you. And here, we give the best foods one can eat while on-the-go. These are easy to prepare, handy and guaranteed to keep unwanted baggage away.

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1. Grapes

This bite-sized fruit is not only packed with the traditional nutrients and cancer-fighting antioxidants, it also reduces cholesterol and is packed with fiber. Grapes naturally cleanse the digestive system to aid in weight loss and their natural sugar curbs hunger pangs, satisfying you more than a pack of biscuits ever can.

2. Raw nuts

Almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts are rich in fiber. They ward off feelings of hunger and these handy nuts contain an generous amount of heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids to help you burn extra calories faster. Nuts are especially good for snacks, and for you to get maximum weight loss benefits, must be eaten raw, without roasting them or adding salt.

3. Apples

Apples have no fat, cholesterol or sodium content, instead, they are rich in fiber and protein. The pectin in apples has been proven to suppress the appetite, and it’s protein content keeps the body from absorbing too much fat.

4. Water

Did you think we were going to finish this list without mentioning the amazing benefits of drinking 8 eight ounce glasses of water daily? Water contains zero calories, and is a powerful appetite suppressant. By drinking water, you are keeping your stomach full and wards off dehydration which leads to false hunger cravings. 

5. Oranges

A medium-sized orange only containg 45 calories, but is fiber-packed and is a naturally sweet treat for the sweet tooth. This citrus fruit is a good substitute to high-calorie sweets, and because they also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, you are definitely getting more from oranges than what you think. Plus, oranges are loaded with Vitamin C, a proven fat-burner.

6. Yogurt

This superfood, aside from boosting the immune system with it’s good bacteria content, also regulates the digestive system to aid in losing weight fast. It’s calcium content, as studies have revealed, has also proved to be beneficial in weight management. 

As wonderful as these foods are, don’t neglect your exercise. Working out regularly helps a lot in burning off those unwanted calories. Don’t forget to incorporate these foods in some other way to achieve a healthy balanced diet.


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