Liv Tyler’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Bouncing Back to Fitness

February 9, 2011

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Beautiful brunette Liv Tyler,  who came into the spotlight as the daughter of Aerosmith’s lead rocker Steven Tyler started modeling at the age of 14 before making the big jump to acting in hit flicks such as Armageddon, Jersey Girl, The Strangers and The Incredible Hulk. The lush-lipped beauty may be 33, but her 5 foot 10 frame is still as long and lean as ever, even after giving birth to son Milo.

"I did gain a lot of weight during the pregnancy, and after giving birth, all I could think about was eating donuts." She shares. "It’s hard to lose the weight, I hired a personal trainer, followed a structured diet and started exercising more."


Since then, Liv Tyler’s diet has been the balanced diet, a kind of diet that allows the consumption of foods in all three food groups: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These food groups are proportioned properly in every meal making sure that the dieter gets the needed nutrients by the body. 

For Liv Tyler’s exercise routine, she adheres to David Kirsch’s "Ultimate New York Body Plan". She claims that this routine has helped her lose her post baby weight and kept her in great shape even today. She spends 45 minutes daily doing cardio aerobic exercise such as running or swimming.

She also does short core routines that concentrate in toning up her legs, buns, core, and back. She allots 15 minutes of her routine doing stretching and strengthening exercises that helped her achieve slim curves and long legs. She combines this routine with aerobic exercises to achieve a completely toned and healthy body.

Additionally, Liv Tyler’s exercise routine includes Pilates that helps in boosting energy, blood circulation, and lengthening of the muscles. She follows one of Hollywood’s top Pilates instructors, Brooke Siler that teaches varied and simple Pilates routines which she can do at home.

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