Lisa Rinna’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Great Physique

February 9, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Lisa Rinna is age-defying. The actress best known for playing the characters Billie Reed on Days of our Lives and hosting SoapNet’s Soap Talk has posed for Playboy at 45 years old and after giving birth to two kids! The 5 foot 7 star has maintained her luminous glow and stunning bod, because she makes time for fitness and here, she shares her tips for mom like her in keeping an enviable body for more years to come.

"Oh yeah, I’m addicted to fitness." She shares with a laugh. "I’m an active mom. I eat right, in moderation, and I exercise everyday."

Lisa-Rinna.jpgLisa Rinna’s diet consists of well balanced, portion controlled meals. This means that Lisa prefers eating healthy meals but limits them to moderate servings. The balanced diet allows her to consume foods that contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins properly proportioned in every meal.

"I eat in moderation, I eat fairly healthily, I love apples and bananas, but there are times I reach for chips." She admits. "But that doesn’t mean I’m going to finish the whole bag."

Lisa has always been a fan of working out, having danced onstage all her life. Lisa Rinna’s exercise routine includes yoga, spinning, playing tennis, running, using the cardio bar, doing cardio strip tease ballet, and weight training.

"It’s kinda ironic, but I love my body more now than when I was 20." She says. "I’m taking more care of my body now, and there’s just no shortcut."

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