Justin Timberlake’s Diet and Exercise Routine: Rock Hard Body

February 2, 2011

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Prince of Pop Justin Timberlake first broke into the music scene as the lead singer of boy band ‘N Sync, and after deciding to pursue a solo career, his fame only heightened to dizzying heights. The 6 foot 1 hunk just keeps looking moe and more hunkier with every passing minute, thanks to his healthy eating and exercise habits. 

"I don’t stick to a strict diet, but I’m really active." He says. "I work out a lot, I have a fast metabolism, it keeps me fit."

Justin-Timberlake.jpgFor Justin Timberlake’s diet, he adheres to the balanced diet that allows him to consume foods coming from the 3 foods groups: protein, carbohydrates, and fat that are properly divided in every meal.

This kind of diet makes sure that Justin gets the right amount of nutrients and the proper portions of each food group he consumes. Justin Timberlake’s diet likewise doesn’t allow him to any junk foods. This doesn’t only ensure that he loses weight but also helps in maintaining his ideal weight.

On the other hand, Justin Timberlake’s exercise routine includes dancing which isn’t only an exercise routine but part of his job as an entertainer.

Dancing is considered one of the best ways to get in shape while losing weight. It involves movements that are made to stretch, tone up the body, and burn a lot of calories. It approximately helps in burning 300 to 600 calories per hour that isn’t only healthy but fun as well.

Another part of Justin Timberlake’s exercise routine includes weight lifting which is considered an excellent way to shape up the body while gaining strength, and building the butt. There are a lot of forms of weight lifting ranging from slow, fast, static, strength, body building and a lot more. Furthermore, he also runs on the treadmill and uses other kinds of exercise machines.

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