Julia Roberts’ Diet and Exercise Routine: No to Size Zero Mentality

February 2, 2011

Celebrity Weight Loss

Pretty woman Julia Roberts has become an undisputed icon thanks to roles in blockbuster movies such as The Pelican Brief, Erin Brockovich and Duplicity. This 43 year old, 5 foot 9 stunner has played all kinds of characters, from lawyers to housewives to fairies, proving her great versatility as an actress, and her worth as one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. She may be lying low to raise her family and take care of her twins, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about her body, she’s still as luminous as ever, with her million-bucks smile and fit physique, which she maintains by keeping a healthy lifestyle.

"The more you take care of your body, the better you feel about yourself." She says knowingly. "I watch what I eat and try to exercise every day."

Julia-Roberts.jpgJulia Roberts’ diet is centered on the diet designs eating program developed by nutritionist and Hollywood’s elite healthy lifestyle leader, Carrie Wiatt. This kind of diet program enables Julia to eat fresh, healthy meals per week through choosing meals to be delivered at your home or by making use of recipes within the Diet design’s program.

Furthermore, Julia Roberts’ diet enables to stabilize her blood glucose levels through the combination of low-density calories with high-density nutrients together with the appropriate spacing of meals as well as snacks.

Each customized plan in Diet Designs is balanced according to 50% – 60% carbohydrates, 20% – 25% protein and 20% – 25% fat. Julia Roberts’ diet allows her to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week and once she attains her ideal weight, she can choose to follow the maintenance Diet Designs programs.

For Julia Roberts’ exercise routine, she does Pilates that is an exercise that concentrates on her core postural muscles, deep abdominal muscles, as well as muscles closest to the spine. With this, Julia will learn to have control over her breathing and proper alignment of her spine while strengthening the deep torso muscles.

At the same time, Pilates has helped Julia a lot in losing post-pregnancy weight. Julia Roberts’ exercise routine also includes strength training and yoga.

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