Kanye West’s Diet and Exercise Routine: A Rapper’s Secrets

February 2, 2011

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He’s definitely a force to be reckoned with when it comes to hip-hop. Kanye West is dropping one critically acclaimed, best selling, Grammy winning album after another. He may be conroversial for his onstage antics, but with four multiplatinum albums, impeccable taste in clothes and that seriously ripped body, we’ll be sseing a lot of Kanye West in the future. 

"I’ve never been in better shape. I follow the 5 factor diet, it made me healthy, and it’s unbelievable, but the food tastes really great." He says.

Kanye-West.jpgKanye West’s diet is adhered to the 5 factor diet that is considered a weight loss and fitness program that involves skipping  counting of carbohydrates, measuring of food, and doing time-consuming exercise routines. Such program was designed by famous celebrity trainer, Harley Pasternak.

Furthermore, Kanye West’s diet involves eating five 5-Factor meals every day that will help in losing weight and in feeling less hungry throughout the entire day. He can also get hundreds of recipes from the weight loss and fitness program’s official website that involves 5 ingredients prepared in just 5 minutes. It also allows 5 cheat days within 5 weeks that helps control cheating and helps the dieter achieve his or her goals.

For Kanye West’s exercise routine, he still adheres to the 5-Factor workout that involves working out 25 minutes per day.

The program is based on the belief that  exercising more often for shorter periods of time is a lot more effective than spending long hours at the gym. Kanye West’s exercise includes varied workouts every week ranging from strength training, cardiovascular, core movements with varying repetitions and sets.

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